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About the AAT program:

OHV use in the National Forest depends upon the efforts of volunteers and their partnership with businesses that care about the outdoors. For each adoption the partners include an OHV or community group, a business, and the Forest Service. Each one gives something - the U.S. Forest Service gives the necessary training, supplies and equipment when possible; the business provides an annual cash contribution ($500 or $1000), and the group provides the maintenance needed to sustain recreational use by the public throughout the year. 

Local ranger districts decide which trails or routes should be adopted and the Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator makes the route assignments based on the groups request and trail needs. 

Each trail is different, but this is a list of the types of maintenance that can be required. 

  • Removing logs and brush that encroach on the trail
  • Install, repair, and clean water bars or other drainage structures
  • Provide protection for stream crossings, meadows, and wet areas
  • Maintain trail to the designated rating
  • Remove traces of any use that occurs off the designated trail
  • Remove litter and any foreign items from trail
  • Install, maintain, and replace trail markers
  • Install, maintain, and replace signs and bulletin boards as needed

Our trails:
Our club has adopted three trails in the San Bernardino National Forest.
2N33 Plilot Rock Trail
1N54 Clarks Grade Trail
1N86 Barton Creek Trail

Lost Jeeps SoCal first adopted the Pilot Rock Trail in 2007. Since then we have dopted Clarks Grade and Barton Creek. During the spring season, our group does monthly maintenance on these trails in order to keep them accessible to all outdoor enthusiasts. Maintenance usually consists of cleaning the trails of branches, newly fallen rocks, or any other debris that may have landed on the trail. We try our hardest to maintain these trails so that everyone can experience them. 

Pilot Rock Truck Trail is also known as2N33. It starts near Silverwood Lake in the San Bernardino National Forest-Map. It connects Silverwood Lake with Hwy 173Lake Arrowhead Area. The main trail is a roughly graded road, but there is a side trail that weaves along the peak. Some parts of it are challenging. As you move closer to the intersection with Hwy 173 you will see more vegetation and trees, the trail crosses couple of small creeks perfect for picnic, turning right/south on 173 will take you to Arrowhead City, turn left/north and you are going down into the Mojave River Forks Reservoir and dam, this is a scenic drive that eventually will take you back to where you started, Silverwood Lake.

Clark's Grade in Big Bear is also known as 1N54. This trail runs from Highway 38 up towards Big Bear Lake. It meets Skyline Drive at the top of the mountain.

The Forest Service closes this trail in the winter. Top of the trail is smooth and easy but starts to get narrow with some decent size rocks and ruts towards the middle and 500 foot sheer drop offs. 4 wheel low is mandatory for this trail and may be difficult in a couple sections for stock vehicles but could be done (use buddy system).

Here is a great article on the history of Clark's Grade:Early Roads Into Big Bear

Barton Creek, also known as 1N86, is a great little trail that takes you near the historic Stetson Creek Ranch.  This is an easy and scenic trail that can be done in a stock 2WD Jeep.

Pilot Rock Maps and GPS Coordinates:

Pilot Rock Truck Trail Coordinates:34.304819? -117.310156?

Coordinates:34.304819? -117.310156?

Clarks Grade Maps and GPS Coordinates:

Clarks Grade Coordinates: 34.173161° -116.955828° Coordinates: 34.173161° -116.955828°

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